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Dubai Desert Holidays

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Dubai Desert Holidays

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Holidays in Dubai Desert -  Plenty to Explore                           

A Dubai holiday would not be complete without a visit to the desert. A modern city it might be, but the desert is still on the doorstep.

The Dubai desert isn’t to be ignored though. Desert activities include ‘midnight at the oasis’, well not THE oasis, AN oasis, an oasis under the stars in a Bedouin camp, but at least it has camels tied up nearby. Well, tethered, not literally tied up. That would be weird. A Dubai desert safari is a must on any holiday to dubai (or a Arabian holidays for that matter).

There’s charging over sand dunes in various vehicles a la Top Gear to do as well of course. We’ll get back to that. You’ll be eating Lebanese and Turkish food a lot, unless you take your own sandwiches, or there are plenty of Indian restaurants available too. Should you not be able to cope without the wonderful contribution that the west has brought to world cuisine, there are plenty of branches of Mc Donalds. Holidays to the Dubai Desert are an essential addition to any trip to Dubai.

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