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Arabian Gulf Holidays

Arabian Gulf Holidays

Arabian Gulf Holiday Hot Spots


Arabia Holidays                                                               

Arabian holidays are a true adventure, just remember to leave your misconceptions at home. The romance of this hugely wealthy oil area will seduce many travelers. The six countries of the Arabian Gulf are: the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates,The State of Bahrain, the Emirate of Qatar, the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The Arabian Gulf Region’s gained its volatile image due to wars and terrorism. This exaggerated misconception has not stopped holidaymakers from proving to themselves and millions more, that any Arabian Gulf holiday is an astounding experience.


Enjoy adventure, football, poetry, wildlife, clubbing, shopping, horse racing, camel racing, traditional song and dance, spectacular views, ancient cities, beautiful seas, chaotic drivers, advanced technology, extraordinary architecture, markets, beautifully crafted artifacts, man made landscapes, feats of engineering from 8C to 21stC and landscapes of natural beauty which set the heart racing. Take your holidays to Dubai and enter the ultimate fantasy playground. Experience modern Islam by spending your holidays in Oman. Choose to spend your holidays in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates with its with tree-lined boulevards, parks and fountains.

Arabian Holidays -  A lovely Culture

Whatever century we are in, rest assured the Arabian Gulf can feel as if you are in the next century. Archaeologists, strict customs, food, museums, antiques, take you back to BC and beyond. (And fine used car markets!) Expats, migrant workers, handsome men in flowing robes, beautiful bejewelled women enjoy this region steeped in ancient history, while talking on their mobile telephones. This civilisation exhilarates more than you can imagine. But respect Arabian Etiquette. Lone women might find it hard to book a hotel. They must dress modestly. Keep your temper, never eat or offer something with your left hand, don’t kiss, hug or snog your partner in public. Arabia holidays are an incredible experience.

Arabian Gulf Holiday Hot Spots

  • Oman

    Holidays in Oman - Travel's Best Kept Secret There aren’t too many potential holiday destinations that can still claim to be ‘undiscovered’, but if anywhere can lay a convincing claim to this title, it’s Oman. Don’t...

Arabian Gulf - Popular Hotels in Arabian Gulf

  • Le Meridien - Arabian Gulf


    Hotel description Le Meridien Abu Dhabi has lush gardens and a private beach, making it the ideal choice for business travellers and tourist. Just a short walk from the business district...

  • Emirates Palace - Arabian Gulf


    Location An enchanting landmark that’s a wonder to behold for all who venture through its magnificent gates. Fairytales come to life as your senses are treated to an extraordi...

  • Crowne Plaza Dubai - Arabian Gulf


    Hotel description For business or leisure, experience honest luxury and modern facilities, alongside an exceptional standard of service. The rooms, suites and furnished apartments provid...

  • Emirates Towers - Arabian Gulf


    Hotel description Opened in 2000, this luxury hotel counts among the most impressive buildings in Dubai. More than 300 m high, the twin towers can be seen from afar and are a landmark of...

  • Hilton Dubai Creek - Arabian Gulf


    Hotel description A stylish boutique hotel with its stunning steel and glass design, which is the creation of the celebrated architect Carlos Ott. The hotel's restaurants provide a wide sel...

  • Hilton Abu Dhabi - Arabian Gulf


    Location The Hilton Abu Dhabi enjoys both an envious setting on the beautiful corniche overlooking the Arabian Gulf and convenient location being just a short drive from downtown Ab...