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The Corniche is a coastal boulevard that runs between the modern city and the sea, with lots of trees and park areas amid a busy six lanes of traffic. However, wandering up and down here isn’t like being caught in the central reservation of the M25, it’s a lovely place to get great views of this marvellous city from.   

Heritage Village -  Abu Dhabi Attractions  - In the middle of Abu Dhabi, the Heritage Village is a permanent living exhibition of the nomadic Bedouin life-style detailing a variety of local traditions and agriculture, fishing and trading.

Souk -  Attractions in Abu Dhabi - At this traditional market you can find small shops selling everything from gold jewellery to electronics. Make sure you get a guarantee and aim to hit a price that’s about 50 per cent of the stall holder’s opening price. How? You haggle!

White Fort - Abu Dhabi Attractions - The White Fort is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi and was once the home of the ruling family. Now the building is the home of the Centre of Documentation and Research, which displays many interesting exhibits of traditional artefacts and photographs.

Al Nasr Street -  Attractions in Abu Dhabi - There are a number of antique shops and jewellery stores along this road where bargaining is positively encouraged.

Breakwater - Abu Dhabi Attractions - This is the best place in Abu Dhabi to watch the skyline and experience some local fo od. Be sure to visit the floating restaurants and pubs

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